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JW Home Care offers professional water damage removal, mold removal, fire damage restoration and smoke odor removal services. Our highly trained technicians are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week with fully equipped trucks so that we can begin the restoration process immediately. We use top of the line equipment. Throughout the years we have build a great reputation by providing  first class customer service and grew our business by referrals.

We work with homeowners, management companies and local businesses. We are highly trained, licensed and IICRC certified. We work directly with your insurance adjuster and bill your insurance directly so you do not have to worry about the paperwork. We are fully licensed and insured.

We Work With Your Insurance Company & File The Paperwork For You!

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Flood Damage Restoration

The need for water damage repairs can arise from countless sources, such as a burst water heater, pipe, or appliance hose… a toilet overflow or sewer back up… a falsely triggered sprinkler system… or the aftermath of firefighting.  These are major and obvious problems.  But hidden problems such as plumbing leaks or a leaky roof can over time cause major yet hidden harm.  JW Home Care’s experts know exactly what to look for and exactly what to do, and have all the right drying equipment for water extraction, structural drying, and mold remediation.

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water damage removal

Fire Damage Restoration

Whether a small or large blaze, fires are devastating leaving you feeling emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially overwhelmed.  There is simply too much work to be done and too much technical knowledge and hands-on experience required to take care of yourself.  And the same goes for general repair services and handymen.  Even after the blaze is out, smoke and firefighting water will continue to do harm, and the right steps must be taken, some within the first day, if insurance is to cover any secondary harm.

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Fire Damage Repair


Mold Remediation

Mold is unsightly, but it also poses potentially very serious health hazards and can actually damage your home or place of business.  Besides the patches you see, it can be growing rampantly hidden inside walls, beneath flooring, and above the ceiling.  And if you’ve had any sort of spill, plumbing problem, or flooding you may have as little as 24 hours to head off a major new problem.

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Leak Detection

The EPA estimates that 10% of US homes have leaks wasting 90 gallons of water each day, or more.  Much of that just goes straight down the drain, but it still indicates that a many of homes have serious leaks.  But it’s not just about wasting precious water.  Even excess moisture quickly leads to mold and expensive water damage repairs.  And that can happen in as little as a day.  If there’s lots of water involved, that’s an emergency situation. That’s why we offer 24 hour leak detection services for precise location, averting water damage repairs.

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leak detection

Packout Services

When you’ve been hit by a home or business disaster — from a broken pipe to a major fire — you want to recover as much of the building’s contents as possible.  Especially those personal sentimental treasures and heirlooms or business-critical items.  That often means pack out services to remove belongings from wet or contaminated areas and professional treatment to recover damaged items and to prevent further deterioration.

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pack out services

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Bathtub Overflow

flooding from bathtub overflow
A bathtub overflow can cause serious damage to flooring, ceiling below and walls below the bathtub. It can cause a strong odor and mold growth as well.

Broken Pipes

broken pipes
A pipe burst in the middle of the night is the ultimate nightmare for any homeowner. Water must be shut off immediately as well as the power to the house since the leak might be close to the electrical appliances.

Wet Carpet

water damage on carpet
When dealing with a flooded carpet. Mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses often get established and spread within 24 hours. We use specialized water extraction and dry out equipment to ensure that carpet and padding dried properly.


Water Heater Leaks

water heater leaks causing water damage
Water heater leaks are one of the most unnoticed leaks in the house since the water heaters are usually located in the garage or in a closet. By seeping hot water slowly a water heater can cause serious structural damage.


Why Choose JW Home Care?

At JW Home Care Restoration we understand that your world has been turned upside down. It may be during a birthday, a holiday, or a vacation. Things don’t always go as planned during the process and it may take longer than expected, or your insurance adjuster isn’t reaching out to you. Leaving you wondering what’s going to happen. We help our customers through this difficult process, and make sure that no question goes unanswered. We treat you as we would treat our own family.
We know that responding quickly can help stop more damage from being done, that’s why at JW Home Care Restoration we will make sure we get out to you as quickly as we can. Some companies advertise arrival times of 60 minutes or less, making it seem like they are locally operated. However, many firms are based in the San Fernando Valley but try to appear as locally owned and operated to give you the impression that they are here nearby you. Others will advertise quick response times in order to commit you into using them; all the while knowing they can’t possibly reach you in such a short time. We have trained technicians that rotate being on call, ready to handle your damage the moment you call. We normally can respond within minutes but we refuse to advertise that as a reason to choose our company. When you call us you’ll know that “we are on the way.”
We aren’t a huge franchise or a business that travels miles and miles to get to you. We are a small business. However, being smaller than the huge companies does not mean that we are any less knowledgeable than they are in the field of restoration. We all attend the same rigorous training and continuing education, and even sit shoulder to shoulder with our competition. Our advantage is we are small enough to make our own rules that better serve YOU, our valued customer. We don’t have large franchise fees to cover, or spacious office rent to meet that forces us to charge you more in order to make a profit. Our small size helps our customers with better pricing and better attention to YOU, not the bottom line.
A common misperception that most homeowners have is thinking they must use their insurer’s recommended restoration company. This is NOT the case. All your insurer can do is recommend, the final choice is YOUR’S. Many times large restoration companies team up with insurers to become their “go to” firms. But, this has a downside, and that downside normally affects you, the homeowner, not the insurers or larger restoration companies. If XYZ Restore agrees to drop their prices, an insurer will recommend their services to their clients. But what happens when XYZ gets inundated with claims work? They may end up having to cut corners, get in and get out, hurry it up. Customer service is ranked second behind satisfying the insurer for them to continue receiving referrals from the insurer. By satisfying the insurer, large companies can rely on more referrals, which again goes back to having to meet a bottom line. At JW Home Care Restoration, we don’t play that game with insurers. Our commitment is to the customer, the homeowner. YOU are the ones that matter. Without you the homeowner we would not be in business. Let us deal with whoever your insurer is. We will recommend what is best for YOU, not the insurer. After all, you have paid good money for insurance premiums for a long time. Let JW Home Care Restoration put those premiums to work FOR YOU!
JW Home Care Restoration stands behind the work we do. In fact, unlike most any company out there, we are SO proud of our work, that if at any time within the next one year after completing our restorative work on your home, you are not satisfied or find something we may have missed, give us a call and we will come back, free of charge, to help you with your concerns. It’s the little things like this guarantee that helps us stay ahead of our competition. We know from experience that satisfied customers recommend great companies to their friends and families when they find themselves in trouble. We will treat them with the same respect and help them through this oftentimes traumatic experience seamlessly. This is what JW Home Care Restoration does for YOU, our valued customers!
Unlike other companies we are proud of the work we do and stand behind it, that’s why at JW Home Care Restoration we don’t just guarantee that you’ll be happy but you’ll be happy with our work for years to come. We guarantee the work we’ve done for a year! If you have any questions or concerns with a year of our work being complete, we will come back out to your home free of charge to help you with any concerns you have.
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I recently used Jw home care for some water damage I had at my house. WHAT A MESS! But they were so professional and quick about it! They started drying out my wooden studs and did that for about three days. They also put up a plastic barrier so dirt and dust wouldn't dirty up the rest of my house.

We had some water damage at my business, The Bunker Golf Center in Ventura and JW Home Care and Restoration came and cleaned up the whole mess. I have a synthetic turf putting green and they left no sign of any water damage. Very professional business. Highly recommended.

I called Jonathan at JW Home Care for an urgent water damage in a warehouse unit. Even though he was extremely busy due to the severe rain, he worked the water cleanup into his schedule. What impresses me the most is that he can interact with any of my tenants without reservation.