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Commercial Water Damage Restoration


It doesn’t matter if it’s minor or severe, a small leak or sudden deluge.  Any commercial flooding or water damage demands action as soon as possible.  Our fast-response commercial water damage restoration teams can be there anytime, 24 hours a day.  Water quickly soaks through flooring and spreads out, penetrating deeply into any and all porous building materials.  From there it takes weeks to naturally evaporate, and causes progressive damage all the while.  Harm often continues even after surfaces feel dry.

Accepting all insurance companies, we’re commercial building experts and know exactly where to look and what to do.

Why choose JW Home Care?

You can count on us to do the job right, with a minimum of disruption to your business.  We’re locally owned and operated,  BBB accredited, licensed, and insured.  Our certified technicians are experienced and highly trained, and we make sure that they have the latest water damage restoration equipment and all the right tools and products.

We’ll work directly with your insurance company for hassle-free claims, providing complete estimates and detailed documentation in a timely manner.  We’ll also make sure to take all the mitigation steps they require for any secondary damage to be covered.  And our work has a full service guarantee.

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Our Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

Whenever you think you might be in need of commercial water damage restoration it’s well worthwhile to call in our 24 hour service for a professional inspection and if necessary have our certified restoration technicians begin work immediately.


Flood Damage and Water Damage Clean Up

Whether from natural flooding, a plumbing or appliance catastrophe, a roof leak, a plumbing leak, or even a toilet overflow progressive water damage can remain hidden until you’re facing some serious repair bills.  We begin with a thorough visual inspection together with moisture measurements and thermal imaging to identify all problem areas up front.  Our water damage specialists will then create a plan of action to clean and dry your property, the building’s contents as well as the building itself.

We’ll proceed through the stages of flood clean up and disinfection, debris removal, surface and structural drying, and odor removal.  If only clean water was involved we can usually rescue carpet through lifting, rapid drying, and replacing the padding.  If sewage or otherwise contaminated water was present we’ll follow all the IICRC recommended isolation, decontamination, and sanitization procedures for Category 3 water to keep everyone safe and return your building to a healthy condition.

Drying and Dehumidification

Rapid and thorough drying is the key to preventing extensive water damage.  We begin with surface drying using our advanced water extraction equipment.  That immediately reduces otherwise high indoor humidity that would cause problems due to moisture on walls, furniture, and even ceilings.  We’ll then deploy an array of commercial grade refrigerant dehumidifiers and air movers to keep indoor humidity low and draw out dampness from deep within the structure for a complete structural dry out.  For insurance purposes we’ll thoroughly document the drying process.

Commercial Mold Remediation

If building dry out isn’t largely completed within 1-2 days it’s likely you’ll also need to deal with mold growth.  The EPA has specific guidelines for commercial buildings with professional mold removal by professionals recommended for areas above 10 square feet and a professional consultation required for areas over 30 square feet.  Our commercial mold remediation services meet OSHA requirements for keeping our workers and your employees safe, removing mold and spores as completely as possible while preventing the spread of contamination.  We’ll also take abatement measures against re-growth.



Commercial Buildings and Their Contents

We know that every hour of downtime or partial operations costs you, so we’ll work to minimize disruptions and allow partial operations if possible.  We’ll then get you back to full operation as soon as possible.  We understand the special conditions that occur in situations such as hotel sprinkler activations and flooding in basement parking structures as well as re-opening certifications for restaurants and health care facilities.

Our pack out services extend our water damage restoration services to the building’s contents including appliances, business electronics, computers, digital media, documents, and inventory.

Finally, we would welcome an opportunity to work with you on your advance disaster and contingency planning.