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Expert Fire Damage Restoration

Whether a small or large blaze, fires are devastating leaving you feeling emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially overwhelmed.  There is simply too much work to be done and too much technical knowledge and hands-on experience required to take care of yourself.  And the same goes for general repair services and handymen.  Even after the blaze is out, smoke and firefighting water will continue to do harm, and the right steps must be taken, some within the first day, if insurance is to cover any secondary harm.

So you need truly expert 24 hour emergency services to get a proper start on moving beyond the catastrophe  To simplify your life during a trying time, that same company should be able to provide pack out services, smoke and odor removal, water damage repair, and mold remediation as part of their fire damage restoration services.

Choose JW Home Care Restoration

Fire Damage HouseWe fully understand how after the fire is out a difficult road remains and you want to return your home or business to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible so you can have your life back.  JW Home Care Restoration is an independently owned and operated family business ready 24/7/365 for all your fire damage repair needs.  Just call and we’ll be there promptly, right when we say we will.  We’ll make sure you know what to do (and what not to do!) until we get there, and then provide a no-charge first assessment and estimate.

Our company is fully licensed and insured, and we always pay attention to details as well as your personal needs and priorities.  JW Home Care Restoration is fully licensed and insured and highly rated online.   All work is done by experts, properly certified, well-trained, and experienced.

For secondary damage to be covered, insurance companies require that certain steps be taken immediately to minimize ongoing harm.  We work closely with insurers to assure that we’re taking the proper steps within the proper time, and meeting all documentation requirements for a successful claims application.  Our company can wait for your claim to be paid for our own payment, so that there’s no financial obstacle to starting work immediately.  We’ll then proceed efficiently to get your life back to normal quickly.

TIP:  DO keep everyone, as well as pets, out of the building even after the fire is out.  Besides physical danger there are many toxic compounds.  Open windows and doors only after the firemen have recommend that you do so.  If the refrigerator is unharmed but there’s no electricity, move all food to a neighbor’s, friend’s, or relative’s fridge.  You should notify your insurance carrier of the loss immediately, but a detailed claim comes later when all damages and expenses are established.

TIP:  DO NOT begin any cleaning yourself.  Smoke, soot, and ash contain thousands of compounds (many of which are hazardous) that can be forced in deeper by walking on carpet, moving or sitting on furniture, or even wiping off surfaces.

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Our Fire Damage Repair Services

Even if there’s only been a nearby fire you may need professional help due to traveling ash, smoke, soot, and water.  Each requires detailed technical knowledge for proper remediation.  We’re experts in all aspects of fire damage restoration services, so you only need to deal with one company for any and all of the following services.

  • Assess and document the losses and situation to determine priorities and the best course of action.
  • Secure the property, including board up, tarps, and structural bracing.
  • Pack out services to remove building contents to avoid further harm, completing a detailed inventory.  Some items may be treated and left on-site.  We recognize that many of your belongings are of great personal value and never toss out anything that can be recovered.
  • Complete immediate and thorough actions to mitigate against smoke and water damage repair.
  • Clear out and clean up affected areas with specialized methods and cleaning agents.
  • Complete water damage restoration with thorough water extraction and structural drying.
  • Complete smoke and odor removal
  • Mold remediation is also often required as a result of firefighting water.
  • Complete fire damage repairs to the building.
  • Complete final sanitizing, cleaning, and haul-away.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Smoke poses a particular problem in fire damage restoration.  It travels just about anywhere and everywhere (far from the burning itself, and even in to cold areas and  places you might never expect) and can settle on everything ceiling to floor.  It includes thousands of different compounds, many harmful to various materials and many toxic to people.  Each type of combustion produces a different type of smoke, so extensive knowledge is required to determine the proper removal procedures.  Most importantly, whatever the type it must removed before it’s had time to penetrate so deeply that removal is no longer possible, leaving lingering odors that can last for years.  Furthermore, all smoke is acidic and will corrode metals, including electronics.

Most surfaces can be cleaned with some combination of wiping or wet vacuuming with the proper selection of specialized cleaners.  For charred areas or surfaces with heavy soot, dry-ice or baking-soda blasting may be needed.  Carpet, upholstered furniture, bedding, clothing, drapes and shades, and so on require deep cleaning with special solutions.  Special odor removal is often needed.  Ozone generators produce an eco-friendly simple gas that can reach into otherwise unreachable areas to neutralize odor compounds or recombining into oxygen itself.