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Expert Leak Detection Services

LEAK-DETECTION-EQUIPMENTThe EPA estimates that 10% of US homes have leaks wasting 90 gallons of water each day, or more.  Much of that just goes straight down the drain, but it still indicates that a many of homes have serious leaks.  But it’s not just about wasting precious water.  Even excess moisture quickly leads to mold and expensive water damage repairs.  And that can happen in as little as a day.  If there’s lots of water involved, that’s an emergency situation.

That’s why we offer 24 hour leak detection services to all Ventura County for precise location, averting water damage repairs.

You may know that you have a leak and need to locate it.  The source can actually be quite far away from pooling water or other indications, even in flooding situations.  Or you may only suspect a problem because you’ve noticed an unexplained jump in your water bill, damp or warm spots, mold or musty odors, or perhaps wet or luscious growth areas outdoors.  Fortunately, it’s easy to test if you indeed have a leak, and it’s no longer necessary to deal with demolition to find the location.  Our expert leak detection services can find the problem without making several holes in the walls or floor, or lots of digging out in the yard.

The Pros at JW Home Care Restoration

We’re a local independent company, family owned and operated.  We use up to date with the latest leak detection methods and technologies.  We also have water damage restoration experts on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Non-Destructive Hidden Leak Detection

leak detection Ventura CountySome problems are obvious — a broken toilet tank, washing machine hose, or water heater.  But many sources remain hidden out of view.  You might have a leaky roof, poor caulking around windows, or a plumbing problem.  Pipe leaks can occur inside walls, above the ceiling, and even underneath a concrete floor.  Such problems are especially likely if your building was constructed in the 1970s or earlier when galvanized pipe was common, but even copper plumbing isn’t foolproof and doesn’t last forever.

Even if there’s no obvious problems, you face progressive water damage.  Mold can get started in as little as a day, yet you might not see it.  Mold doesn’t need light and so can flourish inside walls and under flooring.  And before long sheet rock (dry wall) deteriorates and any kind of wood (including paneling and structural framing) warps, splits, and rots.  Water damage restoration can be expensive, but can be minimized with early detection.

Locating the source can be difficult, with water flowing quite some distance and in surprising directions.  Our experienced technicians have a variety of techniques and tools at hand to deal with just about any situation.  That includes pipe-tracing equipment, sensitive humidity and moisture meters, and electronic leak detection instruments that operate much like a beach metal detector.  Methods also include sensitive IR thermal cameras to quickly survey tiny temperature differences that accompany water or even damp insulation, as well as ultrasonic gear.

All that means we will not be making numerous hit-or-miss holes looking for the source.  We’ll find it non-destructively the lowest restoration costs.

Slab Leak Detection

Most Southern California homes are built using a concrete floor slab as the foundation.  Pipes are often run under the slab, and radiant heating systems sometimes run plumbing within the concrete itself.  Aging pipes and gradual settling as well as earthquakes and other ground movement eventually results in a problem.  Despite being out of sight and out of mind, the resulting flow of water erodes the soil under the building.  That leads to uneven settling (and often still more leaks), that in turn leads to cracks in the floor, walls, and even ceiling.  Without prompt slab leak repairs the damage can be extensive.

Our slab leak detection professionals can quickly determine if you have an under-slab problem , and then precisely determine the slab leak location.  All without ripping up your flooring an jack hammering holes in the concrete all over the place.

Underground Leak Detection

Our electronic instruments are especially effective for underground leak detection.  Whether from a water supply line, sewer line, or sprinkler system our experts can find the exact location for an absolute minimum of disruption to your landscaping.  Precise leak location is especially important when the problem happens to be under a driveway, walkway, or patio.  And again, it’s not just about wasting precious water.  An underground leak can lead to spoiled lawns and gardens, and even damaged foundation.