Expert Damage Restoration Services Malibu, California

Do you need disaster recovery services in Malibu, California?  Without professional remediation even limited flooding or fire can quickly lead to further destruction.  You have a window of just 1 to 2 days to head off secondary damage.  Our water damage restoration services go a long way towards preventing mold, warping and buckling floors, crumbling drywall, and even structural harm.  Our comprehensive fire damage restoration thoroughly removes smoke and odor to minimize staining, discoloration, and other smoke damage throughout your home or business.  We’re also licensed mold removal experts.

Whether you need mold, fire, or flood restoration our experienced crews are ready for 24 hour emergency services.

Why Choose JW Home Care?

backerphotoMost people underestimate how much harm just a few gallons of water can do once it’s soaked into flooring and upwards inside walls.  The same goes for the harm caused by smoke, that can reach into the most unexpected places.  What may seem like a small mold issue could just be a sign of a much bigger hidden problem, with the potential for some very serious health problems.

Experts agree that professional damage restoration services are worthwhile, minimizing total disaster recovery costs.  You’ll save time, regain some peace of mind knowing that everything’s being done properly, and have your life back to normal sooner.  But experts also advise caution in selecting a fire, mold, or water damage contractor.  Verify that they are licensed and insured, otherwise you could find yourself financially and legally responsible for a big mess.  They should also possess demonstrated skill and experience, and have a long-term presence in your local area.  In additional to special skills, a restoration company should have specialized equipment beyond that of ordinary general contractors and cleaning companies.

More than just a flood company, JW Home Care is a full-service disaster recovery contractor with years of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial projects in and around Malibu.  A fully licensed and insured company we employ highly trained technicians, certified in a range of cleaning and restoration specialties.  JW maintains a large inventory of cutting-edge equipment such as water extractors, refrigerant dehumidifiers, unique air movers and dryers, HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers, dry-ice blasters, and ozone generators.  We’re family owned and BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited.

Our experts are on-call and ready for action 24/7/365.  After a thorough assessment they’ll present a detailed plan of action tailored to your specific Malibu circumstances.

Insurance Claims

As with any disaster you should notify your insurance company of the loss immediately.  That’s just a quick notification — the paperwork of filing the actual insurance claim comes later.  You also need to take immediate action to mitigate against secondary damage.  “Preventable” losses won’t be covered unless you’ve taken all reasonable mitigation steps.  JW will help.  We’ll work closely with your insurer to take all those steps, and provide the detailed documentation they want to see for a smooth claims process.

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Water Damage Restoration

flooddamageRapid water removal is the top priority in reducing water damage repair costs, but it’s not just obvious wetness.  Water quickly reaches deeply within the building’s structure to where natural evaporation takes many weeks, even away from Malibu’s coastal humidity.  But deterioration starts almost immediately.  Our drying process begins with using high performance water extraction vacuums on flooring, walls, and ceilings.  The second phase uses a combination of commercial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers to actively pull out every last bit of excess moisture for a complete structural dry out.  Along the way we’ll take care of specialist cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing for furniture and other possessions as well as for the building itself.

Flood Damage Restoration

Whenever water has come in contact with the ground (IICRC category 3 — such as in storm flooding or an unfinished basement flood), it will be filled with germs and other disease organisms, many of which become airborne.  That calls for expert sanitation by our certified antimicrobial specialists.  Our flood restoration crews will wear protective clothing and ventilators, isolated the affective areas, and perform exceptionally thorough cleaning and disinfecting.  In addition to water damage restoration measures, our flood damage removal services will also take care of debris cleanup.

Fire Damage Restoration

fireA wide range of special skills are required for fire damage restoration due to the combination of direct damage, smoke and soot, and the water and foam used in firefighting.  The key aspects of fire damage include

  • Assessment of all damage and conditions
  • Shoring up any structural weaknesses, boarding over wall openings, and tarping over roof openings
  • Debris removal and initial cleaning
  • Removal of both damaged and undamaged furnishings and possessions
  • Smoke and odor removal
  • Water damage removal
  • Fire damage repair
  • Cleanup and haul away

Smoke and Odor Removal

Soot and smoke contain hundreds of harmful chemicals that can reach just about anywhere in a home or business.  Many materials discolor in a matter of hours or even minutes, and stains can become permanent almost as quickly.  Acidic compounds soon corrode almost any metal (including inside appliances and electronics), and even etch porcelain and glass if given enough time.  In just a couple of days odor-causing compounds penetrate so deeply into porous materials that they can no longer be removed.

So smoke and odor removal efforts are urgent and extensive.  For large building surfaces that may involve dry-ice blasting.  For smaller surfaces, furniture, and other possessions thorough removal requires cleansers uniquely formulated for particular combinations of the type of smoke and the type of material affected.  Our ozone generators produce a gas that penetrates below the surface of porous materials as well as reaches into the inner structure to safely break down odor compounds then dissipate harmlessly.

Mold Remediation

mold-remediationThe EPA specifically recommends licensed mold removal specialists for problems covering more than 10 square feet (  Keep in mind that mold is a fungus that doesn’t need light to grow, so what you see may only be the tip of the iceberg.  Our licensed and certified mold remediation experts follow a detailed checklist that includes isolating the work area, setting up special exhaust fans and air filters, mold removal by any of several approved methods, decontaminating the building, and removing musty odors.

Malibu CA Fire Alerts

Combining Southern California ocean views and narrow canyons, Malibu isn’t without detractions.  At the edge of a chaparral wilderness, seasonal rains and dry Santa Ana winds combine for frequent wildfires and occasional mudslides.  One of the most destructive occurred in 1993, destroying 739 homes.  Of the more recent, two wildfires in 2007 led to the evacuation of 14,000 people and $100 million in damage.  (Information from,_California).

The City of Malibu urges residents and business not to rely solely on the news media for warnings.  You can sign up for phone and email alerts at