Goleta, California Water Damage Restoration Services

Have you just had a home or business disaster in Goleta, California?  Even seemingly small amounts of water, mold, or fire damage call for professional services.  JW Home Care is a full-service company exceptionally well qualified to complete immediate restoration that prevents further deterioration.  In addition to maintaining the latest equipment for the best in efficiency and results we employ highly trained specialists in areas such as fire damage restoration, smoke and odor removal, flood restoration, mold remediation, and water damage restoration (including structural dry out).

You Need Professional Services

It doesn’t take a basement flood before you need major water damage repair.  Nor does it take a major blaze to need fire and smoke damage expertise.  If more than a small part of a room has wet flooring enough water will soak into the sub-floor and up into walls to lead to mold, as well as to cause serious damage such as warping wood and disintegrating drywall.  Without professional water removal (and probably structural dry out) harmful levels of moisture can remain for weeks.  A fire of any size will produce corrosive, toxic, and odorous smoke that spreads to nearby rooms and perhaps throughout the entire building.  Without specialized cleaning expertise additional destruction begins almost immediately and odors will soon become trapped.

Of course you want your life back to normal as quickly as possible.  But it’s important to know that you have just a 1-2 day window to prevent secondary damage by taking all the right cleaning, drying, and repair steps.  Proper restoration requires extensive training and expertise, and quite a bit of specialized equipment.  That’s why you need to call in a licensed fire and flood restoration company.  The EPA also strongly urges that only licensed mold removal companies deal with anything more than a small outbreak.

Our experts are on-call and ready for action 24/7/365.  After a thorough assessment they’ll present a detailed plan of action tailored to your specific Malibu circumstances.

Insurance Claims

It’s important to note that insurance claims for losses that were preventable will in almost all cases be denied.  In addition to properly maintaining your home or place of business, this means that for a building disaster insurance companies require specific steps to be taken in order to mitigate against further damage (such as mold, warped floors, and drywall replacement)… or those costs won’t be covered.  The good news is that if their requirements are indeed met then insurance should cover any secondary damage that might nevertheless occur.


Choose JW Home Care

fleetJW Home Care provides 24/7 emergency water damage restoration and fire damage restoration services for Goleta California, including those all-importation mitigation measures.  Our highly trained technicians are experienced in commercial as well as residential buildings and we back them with the latest technology and superior equipment.  Family owned, JW Home Care is completely and properly licensed and insured as well as BBB accredited.  Whether your needs are minor or severe we’ll be there promptly for outstanding work and exceptional customer service.



Fire Damage Restoration

fireRecovering from a blaze, or a small fire in the kitchen, requires more than just fire damage repairs for burned materials.  With firefighting water or foam you’ll also need water damage removal and perhaps mold remediation.  Smoke travels far and wide and if not removed with just the right cleansers it will stain and discolor many materials and corrode just about any metal.  Special equipment is needed to quickly take care of smoke and odor removal, efficiently cleaning large building surfaces and reaching deeply into the structure to neutralize odors.  So it’s not the least bit surprising if you’re feeling overwhelmed.  As a full-service fire damage restoration company we can safely and quickly take care of all that.


Flood Restoration, Water Damage Restoration

flooddamageWater damage removal begins with preventing further damage.  That means getting everything thoroughly dry as quickly as possible.  Mold and other problems can become established in just 24 hours, but harmful dampness can last for weeks if it’s left alone.  Mopping and opening windows simply don’t do the job.  As a water damage contractor we combine our expertise and equipment to accomplish the following in just a few days.

  1. Water removal by pumps.
  2. Water extraction with unique high-performance vacuums for walls and ceilings as well as for floors. We’ll remove carpet so that we can quickly dry the underlying sub-floor.
  3. Structural dry out to remove moisture deep inside walls, above ceilings, and so on with commercial grade dehumidifiers, specialized air movers, and other equipment.

Water damage removal also involves cleaning and disinfection.  Basement floods and flooding by any water that’s been in contact with the ground requires extra attention to sanitation as it will be full of bacteria and viruses.  Those can become airborne, so our flood damage restoration workers will have personal protection gear and will contain and isolate the flooded areas.


Mold Remediation

IMG_4057As noted by the EPA, if you’ve experienced significant water damage (or have a problem that covers more than 10 square feet)  mold removal should be performed only by licensed professionals (https://www.epa.gov/mold/mold-cleanup-your-home).  That’s due to potentially very serious health hazards as well as the fact that disturbing mold helps it spread.  Our licensed mold remediation experts will isolate their work area to prevent the spread of spores and toxins, remove spores and mold by approved methods, then decontaminate and disinfect the affected area and surrounding areas.  They can also completely remove musty odors.


Goleta Flooding

It’s too late for your current catastrophe, but don’t forget to prepare for the future — including making sure that your insurance has the proper riders for storm and related flooding.  That’s especially important for Goleta’s 28,88 residents (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goleta,_California).  Many areas are prone to flooding, near the Goleta River and/or actually below sea level and ready to fill with even moderate rainstorms if the ground is already wet (http://www.keyt.com/news/local-news/goleta-businesses-homes-nearly-flooded-by-overnight-storm/64793314).