Tulare County, California Water Damage Services

Do you need a full service water damage company in Tulare County, California? Even relatively minor problems such as a hot water heater or faulty plumbing deserve immediate professional attention to prevent further damage and return everything back to normal as quickly as possible. Let JW Home Care be your local Tulare County experts for water damage, mold remediation, fire damage, and smoke and odor removal.  We’re ready for a prompt arrival and meticulous work 24/7/365.

JW Home Care

Far more than an ordinary cleaning company, we’re a full service water damage company. JW Home Care is a highly rated company, family owned and operated. We provide outstanding residential and commercial services along with exceptional customer care. Our company is fully licensed and and insured. We employ highly trained certified technicians and arm them with cutting edge equipment and technologies. Our cleaning and restoration specialists are dedicated to top-quality workmanship.

To save you time and frustration, our experienced staff will work directly with your insurance company for estimates, approvals, and the detailed documentation required for insurance claims. We’ll also make sure that their mitigation requirements are met so that should any secondary damage still occur those losses can be covered.

Water Damage Removal & Restoration

Damage, with even a small leak, can happen quickly as water can soak deeply into building materials. Regardless of a small or large leak, our water damage services have you covered.  Each source of water and extent of flooding presents its own demands in our plan of action for your home or business. Following IICRC guidelines (www.iicrc.org) we’re ready to tackle everything from Class 1 (little or no wet carpet and only part of a single room affected) all the way to Class 4 (one or more rooms with soaked flooring, water wicking upwards inside walls saturating insulation, and even stone and hardwood saturated). Category 1 water from clean sources degrades into Category 2 (filled with bacteria and viruses) in as little as 24 hours. And Category 3 water that’s been in contact with soil or sewage contamination requires extreme sanitation measures from our anti-microbial specialists.

In as little as a single day mold and other water damage begins, yet deeply soaked moisture can remain at harmful levels for many weeks. Our top priority is to rapidly and thoroughly drying the entire building and all of its contents in addition to cleanup and disinfection. Our certified flood restoration technicians turn those weeks into just a few days, forestalling further deterioration and getting your life back to normal much sooner. There are two main phases of our water damage removal work proceeds. For water extraction we use specially-designed vacuum equipment on walls and ceilings as well as floors for an immediate drop in humidity. We then complete a thorough structural dry out through an extensive set of refrigerant dehumidifiers, industry-specific air movers, and other equipment. Frequent monitoring keeps everything adjusted and lets us know when the job is done.

Mold Removal & Remediation

Any fuzzy blotches you might see, or health issues you might notice (such as irritations, allergies, or prolonged flu-like symptoms) may only be revealing part of the picture.

Mold, a type of fungus, doesn’t need light to grow and so the bulk of a problem may be completely hidden from view. Our licensed mold remediation specialists will assess the situation and complete a specific plan of action with detailed checklists. Our work then proceeds in three main, and often overlapping, phases. First, we’ll guard against spreading spores, allergens, toxins and other contaminants. For all but the smallest of projects that includes installing plastic sheeting and setting up negative-pressure exhaust fans along with HEPA air scrubbers. Second, we perform thorough spore and mold removal via any of several approved methods. Affected porous materials such as wood and drywall must be removed completely.  Third we guard against re-growth by applying non-toxic mildicide and decontamination procedures such as air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire and smoke restoration involves a whole host of specialist measures beyond debris haul away and repairs.  Fire damage removal, water damage restoration, and smoke and odor removal are all major tasks requiring specialized equipment and skills. Our experts will carefully assess your particular situation and create a tailored recovery plan.

Faced with a disturbing scene that most likely includes extensive water and foam from sprinklers and hoses, rapid water extraction and structural drying to prevent further destruction is urgent. Mold abatement plays a large role too. It’s also likely that smoke, soot, and ash will have traveled far from their source, making their way through even the smallest openings and into unexpected places. There are special chemistries involved in smoke removal, as well as how to protect the material being cleaned. And it’s removal must be prompt and thorough in order to prevent permanent staining and other discoloration. In addition to cleaning possessions and building surfaces, it’s also necessary to remove odors in various cavities beyond the damaged areas. Our specialized equipment takes care of that.