Water Damage Removal Camarillo, California

Are you facing a flooding disaster in Camarillo, California? You can turn to JW Home Care Restoration, one of the area’s leading water damage removal services. As a full service water damage repair company we’re also experts in mold remediation, leak detection, and pack out services as well as fire damage removal. We help with insurance claims by providing the detailed documentation required, and by taking the necessary steps to prevent further destruction. Our experienced and highly technicians are ready 24 hours a day because every hour counts. We’re a local business, family owned and operated.

Flood Services

We provide a full line of flood damage restoration services.  Beyond debris cleanup our flood damage removal work includes expert flood damage repairs.  Along the way we speed the drying process to a small fraction of what carpet cleaning and forced ventilation alone can accomplish.

Flood Removal

Backed by powerful equipment, our skilled Camarillo crews will quickly remove mud and pump out standing water as the first step in water damage restoration.  For flooding by a sewer backup sanitation is obviously paramount.  But any water will become a bio-hazard after 24 hours so we’ll also bring in our sanitation and disinfection team.

Water Damage Restoration

Thorough water extraction and structural dry out must be completed as quickly as possible to avoid mold, warping and splitting wood, crumbling sheetrock, and a host of other problems.  Our professionals, backed by the latest in refrigerant dehumidifiers and specialized heaters, know how to accomplish in a few days what nature takes weeks to do.  That’s critical as there is only a 24-48 hour window to prevent further deterioration of the building and its contents.

Mold Remediation

Mold only needs moisture and actually prefers to grow in dark places, including under carpet and inside walls.  So you may have a much bigger problem than you think, even if you have never needed water removal. Mold removal should only be tackled by licensed professionals like those at JW, who know exactly how to protect you, your family, and themselves against the spread of spores, allergens, and toxins.  Expertise and experience are also necessary for thorough removal to guard against regrowth.  We do mold remediation by the book for safety and the best results.

Camarillo Fire & Smoke Services

From board up service to final haul away our fire restoration services have you covered. You’re probably facing an overwhelming and distressing scene, so rest assured that we’re fully equipped to take care of it all.  Besides recovering from the blaze itself you’ll most likely need water restoration along with the demolition and reconstruction of fire damage restoration.  We’ll also promptly take care

JW Home Care Restoration At Work