Water Damage Restoration Port Hueneme, California

Facing a soaked carpet or full-blown basement flood at your Port Hueneme, California home or business? Immediate attention by professional water damage removal experts is necessary to prevent further destruction. An experienced flood company, JW Home Care Restoration has experts in leak detection, structural dry out, flood restoration, mold removal, and smoke and odor removal.

Family owned and operated, our company is a fully licensed and insured water damage company. As part of our flood services we’ll help with insurance claims for smooth and hassle-free processing. Our crews are ready to meet your needs for emergency flood services in Port Hueneme 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Flood Restoration Services

Let our specialists in dry out, water damage cleanup, mold remediation, and smoke and odor removal handle the technical and physical challenges of flood damage removal for your home or business in Port Hueneme.

Flood damage removal begins with water removal. Without extensive expertise and the use of specialized equipment, water trapped deep inside the structure will take weeks, even a month or more, to fully evaporate. During that time excess moisture will be causing progressive destruction that includes drywall disintegrating and wood cracking, splitting, and even rotting. Mold and other problems can get going in as little as a day, so immediate action is necessary. Remember, avoidable damage will not be covered by insurance!

Sanitation is also a key issue in flood restoration. It doesn’t take contamination by sewage or a basement flood after a major Port Hueneme storm to be faced with health hazards from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. So there’s many overlapping aspects to our water damage restoration work.

Fast pump out, accompanied by extensive sanitation measures and debris cleanup.
Thorough water extraction using gear more than twice as powerful as the usual professional carpet cleaners.
Complete structural dry out using specialized equipment to draw out every last bit of excess moisture.
Professional cleaning, additional disinfection, and neutralizing odors.

All that gets the building as well as your possessions clean, dry, and safe in a matter of days with the absolute minimum of further harm.

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Mold Restoration

A wet carpet, or just poor ventilation in Port Hueneme’s humid climate, can lead to the need for mold remediation in as little as a day. And even without flooding the bulk of the growth can be completely out of sight under flooring or inside of walls. But make no mistake, it’s damaging the building, posing health risks, and is ready to spread anywhere it can. Because of those risks mold removal should only be performed by licensed and highly trained professionals such as those at JW.

Leak Detection

Over time, even small problems can lead to a need for water damage restoration. Often the source isn’t obvious, and may be far from any symptoms of dampness. It could be a roof or window leak, or faulty plumbing hidden inside a wall. Our leak detection experts can track down and pinpoint the location without any destruction using the latest in electronic instruments.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Whether from tobacco or fire, or as part of our flood services, we have the expertise and specialized equipment necessary for complete smoke and odor removal. Special cleansers and know-how can take care of exposed surfaces, but what about places beyond reach? Smoke and odor compounds can reach just about everywhere, including deep inside walls and under flooring. In addition to duct cleaning our specialists use unique equipment that generates safe and eco-friendly ozone and hydroxyl gasses that penetrate everywhere to completely neutralize odors. Many clients have mentioned their surprise at the many odors they had learned to ignore.

Port Hueneme, California Natural Disasters

Above and beyond building fires and plumbing disasters Port Hueneme is, like other parts of Ventura County, particularly prone to natural disasters (http://www.vcreporter.com/cms/story/detail/flirting_with_disaster/8697/). The April 2016 earthquake is just one of the over 160 quakes of magnitude 3.5 or larger within 50 miles of Port Hueneme over the last 60 years, as tracked by http://www.usa.com/port-hueneme-cbc-base-ca-natural-disasters-extremes.htm. That website also notes 58 floods, 13 wildfires, and 9 incidents of heavy winds over 1950-2010.