Water Damage Service Ventura, California

If you’re looking for a local and dependable water damage company in Ventura, California JW Home Care Restoration is ready 24/7/365. We know that when it comes to water damage removal every hour counts in preventing mold and deteriorating drywall and wood. Not to mention your carpet, furniture, and other belongings. We’re experts in water extraction, structural dry out, and mold remediation to meet all of your flood restoration needs. JW Home Care Restoration also has specialists in fire damage removal (including smoke and odor removal) as well as in related restoration services such as pack out and leak detection. Family owned and operated, JW Home Care Restoration is a local fire and flood company that will give you the personalized services you need during a difficult time. Fully licensed and insured, you can count on us to quickly get your life back to normal.

24/7 Flood Damage Restoration, Ventura CA

Water damage removal must be prompt and thorough to avoid progressive deterioration. Any such secondary destruction won’t be covered by insurance if the proper steps weren’t taken. Whether a basement flood from a burst pipe, natural flooding, or simply a big bathtub overflow our water removal and restoration services save precious possessions and avoid expensive repairs. That’s why we provide emergency services to all Ventura any time of the day or night.
You see, liquids quickly penetrate deeply into most materials and without special measures will be around for weeks before it fully evaporates. Mopping and shop vacuums simply can’t reach it, yet in as little as 24 hours wood swells, warps, and cracks… sheet-rock crumbles… and so on. It takes special equipment and training to remove every last bit of moisture before it can do harm.

Ventura Mold Removal

Mold restoration must be taken very seriously and handled only by licensed and well-trained crews.  All molds release allergens and irritants, and many also emit toxins that pose extremely serious health hazards.  Furthermore, when disturbed it spreads far and wide via invisible spores that float through the air.  So mold removal involves extensive isolation and air filtering together with extremely thorough methods and careful remediation to prevent regrowth.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage removal involves a wide range of skills, requiring extensive training along with specialized equipment.  After securing the building and making it structurally sound, water damage restoration us usually required to deal with the aftermath of firefighting.  Smoke and odor removal are also vital, as smoke compounds are toxic, corrosive, and odor-causing.  Besides leading to unnecessary harm, if not completely removed soon enough those compounds seep into porous materials so deeply that that getting rid of them is no longer possible.