Water Damage Services Ojai, California

Do you have a water damage problem in Ojai, California? You don’t need a basement flood to need professional flood services. Without the attention of a water damage professional, even a soaked carpet will likely need mold restoration and you’re also facing progressive destruction to the structure underneath flooring and even up in walls.

JW Home Care Restoration provides expert emergency water damage restoration, mold remediation, and leak detection, as well as smoke and odor removal services for the Ojai area.

Why Water Damage Is An Emergency?

With a basement flood waist-deep, that’s obvious. But with any source water will have penetrated deeply into a building’s structure within an hour, if not minutes. After about 24 hours any dampness will be teaming with disease and odor-causing organisms, including mold fungi. And that deep down dampness will be slowly but surely destroying wood, drywall, and more. Even with extra ventilation dry out can take weeks, but there’s only a 1-2 day window before you’re facing added water damage removal costs.

Water damage restoration experts apply their training and experience together with specialized equipment to cut that time down to a few days, preventing further harm. That’s why you need a professional flood company, right away.

Our fast response crews are ready 24/7 every day of the year to protect your health and safety, prevent further destruction, and get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

JW Home Care Restoration

We’re a family owned and operated flood service, ready to take care of your Ojai home or business. We’re the local experts in water damage removal, mold removal, and more. In addition to our highly trained crew we maintain the latest in industry-unique equipment for water removal, water extraction, and structural dry out as well as for smoke and odor removal.

Our experience has taught us what’s critical for hassle-free insurance claims as well as what insurers require in mitigating against preventable losses. As seasoned professionals, we take our clients needs and situations seriously and responsibly.

Water Damage Restoration

Ojai Water Damage RestorationWe’re experts in water damage removal such as specialist cleaning and neutralizing odors. But the best method is prevention — that is to say getting rid of every last bit of excess moisture before it has time to do further harm. Water removal begins with quickly pumping out any standing liquid, extensive disinfection, and debris clean up. Flood restoration continues with extra-powerful water extraction equipment that vacuums out several times as much dampness as ordinary shop vacs or carpet cleaners. But there’s still moisture trapped deeply within the structure. For complete structural dry out we deploy numerous pieces of equipment such as refrigerant dehumidifiers, unique heaters, and specialized air movers. After frequent testing we’ll make adjustments for the fastest progress, and not stop until all readings are within safe levels.

Mold Remediation

Due to the ease with which it spreads and the possibly of extremely serious health hazards, mold removal should only be performed by licensed experts like those at JW. They isolate the area and set up micro-scale HEPA air scrubbers, then complete thorough mold removal with carefully selected industry best-practices. Our mold restoration services also include applying non-toxic mildicide and completely neutralizing odors.

Leak Detection

Do you have mold, damp, or warm areas? Or just a jump in utilities? Those are all indications of hidden window, roof, and plumbing leaks. And they’re usually accompanied by mold and deterioration that are completely out of sight. Our experienced technicians use the best in electronic leak detection gear to pinpoint the problem without any harm to the building during the process.

Smoke and Odor Removal

After a fire, or even a nearby fire, immediate smoke and odor removal are critical. Otherwise smoke’s toxic and odor-causing compounds will have time to penetrate so deeply that they can no loner be removed. That means many more possessions have to be discarded and the building will have smells that can last for years. Our experts use specialized cleaning solutions along with gear that neutralizes odors wherever they might be hiding whether resulting from fire, tobacco, mold, or bacteria.

Ojai California Floods, Wind, and Fire

With 3,382 housing units in Ojai CA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ojai,_California), it’s important for everyone to stay prepared for floods, fires,and earthquakes. Residents of Ojai can’t seem to get a break of more than a couple of decades, having experienced headline-making floods in 1995, and even worse in 1969 (http://articles.latimes.com/1995-01-11/local/me-18664_1_ojai-valley). USA.com notes that between 1950 and 2010 there were 75 significant floods, 18 significant wildfires, and 18 incidents of high winds (not to mention 174 earthquakes of magnitude 3.5 or larger) all within 50 miles of the city.