Water Damage Services Thousand Oaks, California

When you need flood restoration services in Thousand Oaks, California you need a professional flood company, not ordinary cleaning services. JW Home Care Restoration is ready to meet those needs in Thousand Oaks with outstanding water damage restoration services along with mold remediation , fire damage restoration and smoke damage removal. It doesn’t matter if you’re waist-deep in a basement flood or have a burst pipe or clothes washer hose. Immediate action is needed to prevent big problems from mold and bacteria, as well as significant harm to the building and its finishes. There’s just a 24 to 48 hour window, so our licensed experts are ready 24/7/365 for prompt dispatch to Thousand Oaks to minimize harm and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Why Choose JW Home Care Restoration?

We’re more than just a flood company who happens to serve Thousand Oaks, California. We have specialists in fire damage restoration, mold removal, smoke and odor removal, and structural dry out. With years of experience we know exactly what’s necessary for fast and trouble-free insurance claims. Family owned and operated, we’re prompt, thorough, and of course licensed and insured. Our crews have extensive training and experience, and are backed by all the right equipment. With our full line of fire and flood services we’re a single company that can take care of everything, plus you’ll receive the personal attention you need and deserve during the difficult times of disaster recovery.

Water Damage Restoration

Flood restoration is about a lot more than just removing standing water after a Thousand Oaks storm or plumbing failure. Anything more than a damp area of carpet can quickly become a health hazard, and in a matter of a couple of days lead to warping and splitting wood, crumbling sheet-rock, and more. Sanitation and removing every last bit of excess moisture as quickly as possible is vital. And takes a whole lot more than a shop wet-vac.

Water Removal

Pumping out any standing liquid is the obvious first step, and with a sewer backup or distinct odors disinfection is clearly important. But did you know that even fresh water from plumbing can become filled with bacteria, viruses, and other disease organisms after 24 hours? Our crews do, and know exactly what sanitation is needed.

Water Extraction

In a matter of minutes water soaks into carpets and down into the sub-flooring. It seeps through baseboards and from there it even works its way up inside walls. So the next step in our flood services is to use our powerful water extraction equipment on exposed surfaces. That removes up to twice as much water as lesser methods, saving a day or more in the time it takes for complete drying.

Structural Dry Out

Moisture has also made its way deeply into just about any porous building material where it can linger and cause progressive destruction for weeks or even months, often completely hidden from view.